13 Oct

It's about time we began action against anti-Americans!

"Rep. Doug Collins on Monday introduced a resolution to push for the removal of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi."  I agree totally.  We have allowed subversives to take positions of lawful power and it's simply unacceptable.  It must bind the shorts of Democrats to fault Judge Amy Conan Barrett's confirmation to the Supreme Court.  She and her husband have demonstrated abounding love and above reproach Americanism as a family and her intelligence is on display as she opens her mouth.  I find it abominable that anyone's personal belief is subject to ridicule.  I believe in God and Jesus.  I believe in religious freedom and expression of same.  I will defend to the death another's belief, but to fault anyone for their convictions and religion is UNAmerican, totally.  God gives everyone "Free Will".  We are totally free to do as we will without interference until our action has harmful effect on others.  I believe abortion to be murder: sexual deviation from God's will is a sin and any laws mankind places on the books that opposes that will to be abominations, but we each have that freedom.  I believe the consequences to be severe for those who do these things, but I also believe that to be the business of God.  He is the final Judge and it is outside my control.  I believe to consider any behaviour to be acceptable that violates God's statutes is subject to His wrath.  There is no justification for a person to behave or condone behaviour that harms another and I am totally in support of laws that prevent such, but, as a Christian, I oppose laws that say it is "personal choice".  Socialism is subversive, period.  Welfare is a very dangerous thing since it makes us slaves to others' will.  

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