09 Oct

Why be concerned for souls since the Bible says that most humans will go to Hell?  To some that seems harsh and indicates that God has no love for humanity, but there has been no greater love for another than that afforded by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This blog is intended to point the way for life eternal with God and since the only gate to eternity with him is very narrow.  It is so narrow it only allows one to pass who believes that Jesus lived a sinless life, died a horrible death and is risen today.  He will be returning for his own and those who fail to accept through faith and repentance will occupy a very dark, dismal eternity away from God.  "Family Circle" was my first blog, dating back to 2012.  It was intended to be journal of my life for my family, but it grew to include my extended family of former students.  My life, even though a blessed one, has had pitfalls and detours, but I have always known Jesus and his grace and mercy ha sustained me all the while.  I moved to another blog called 'waterwader' back in North Carolina and internet problems were disturbing, so I began this site just a few months ago.  Why focus on Texas A&M?  Well, I am one!  I matriculated class hours for over fifteen years and the inner disciplinary degree first offered by A&M appealed to me.  I loved my time there and after 20 years living in the Bryan/College Station area, I have returned.  I feel right at home and this blog is an extension of a man lifting the shade and sharing the one way to eternal life with God.  Why Bother?  Well, "Because I Care".  I do not wish to see anyone fail to live in Heaven for eternity.  I do not wish that on anyone.  It is a thrill to share Jesus and regardless of the number of witnesses, I have done as directed.  I am sharing TRUTH and all else is garbage.  

We are engaged in a important spiritual battle for souls.  Good and Righteousness is set aside for carnality.  It is apparent that we are living in "End Times" and that's tragic for so many.  "Bothering" is the only way for me to do the right thing.  Time is running out and life's scoreboard clock is dripping zeroes.  

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field. AMEN

James G Austin, '69

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