25 Sep

If Washington was a garden, what would be growing there?  Better than that, if our heart was, what would that be like?  I recall a cousin who, upon completing a new house, had a complete front yard of native rocks.  Arizona homes' gardens mostly are rock and cacti.   Las Vegas goes to great expense to have gardens equal to those in East Texas.  I had concrete poured in my front yard there.  I grew up with one crepe myrtle, fig , pear,  holly, cottonwood, catalpa and gardenia bush in our yard.  We had hedges, holly, crepe myrtle, hydrangea, canna and a Japanese cherry in our yard in North Carolina.  Here in Bryan, not much remains of the original 'garden', since we're too old to care.  It seems that plastic has taken over.  Flowers now are only available on the web and they are expensive.  I wonder how many bouquets are delivered to front doors today?   What has replaced beauty in our lives?  There was a very popular song that had this line, "I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows".  Then there was the great old hymn, "In The Garden" that was dear to my heart.  I sang , "Take Thou This Rose" for many weddings.  There use to be a popular magazine, "Better Homes and Gardens".   My Mother belonged to the Mount Pleasant Garden Club years ago. "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?", seems to be forgotten.  Gardens require constant care and we're just too busy.   I remember a sweet song that Ray Stevens wrote, "Everything is Beautiful In It's Own Way" and everything isn't today, right?  Are we too, "Artificial"?   Expressions on faces seem to be indicative of 'bad smells'.  And, back to my original question, "What is beautiful about the garden that is Washington, D C?   We keep pruning and nothing ever grows.  Nothing but political hatred.  Boy, we have a great crop of that.  Elected officials and bureaucrats have totally destroyed America The Beautiful!  And we continue to allow it to be.  We are eating ourselves from the inside.   We are simply guilty of toleration of Treason.  There would have never been a question of Socialism in my America.  Such an abomination would have never made itself known.  It would have been shouted down to begin with.  Washington needs a Good Weeding!  Let's do the Right Thing in November!  VOTE RED, white and blue, LEGALLY!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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