23 Sep

Though she fought bravely, her body just simply gives out and we lose an icon of strength and endurance.  A bit liberal for my taste, but still I admired Justice Ginsberg for her spunk.  When any notice of anyone passing away comes to my attention I have only one thought. "Where will he/she spend Eternity?"  Since I can only answer from my own, only God knows the condition of the soul of anyone else.  you get a pretty good indicator by observing their walk or talk, but that judgement is not up to me at all.  I would hope those who spend their lives fighting social issues, do so in the right spirit.  The area of difficulty for me is whenever a person works hard to violate what God says is right, well, that pretty well is the determining factor.  As far as the Supreme Court goes,  decisions  that come out of there recently disturb me.  If what I get from my study of scripture is diametrically opposed to any of their 'unanimous' decisions, well that does bring about a little red flag. What is also a concern is that the death of Justice Ginsberg will most assuredly become a political football.  Already Congressional "liberals" are threatening to abstain from voting on a replacement, 'until after the election'.  Obviously our President will do his duty, even though some do not.  What a tragic situation!  Anyone who is placed in such an important position should only be the recipient of steady prayer and not used for political gain by anyone.   You know, we have enough on our plate just keeping our wits about us and food on the table and maintaining the right course for our "Ship of State", to be distracted by any thing else.  Of course, the outcome hangs solely on the heart behind the vote.  The future of America must never be "FOR SALE"!  People Need the Lord!

And that's what I get from


James G Austin, '69

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