28 Sep

When was there a motion picture released in an attempt to unseat a sitting President, other than now?  Showtime is quick to join the slinging of mud with "The Comey Rule" this week.  It doesn't seem to be too much of a threat, but it is an example of "Pulling-Out-All-The-Stops".  I will not have watched since I am familiar with the whole Comey thing and was not too impressed at the get go.  As far as I am concerned it is a perfect example of "The Swamp" that President Trump is attempting to drain.  We are in a danger zone due to all the bureaucrats in Washington.  They have been answering to no one for decades and all of that freewheeling is coming to a screeching halt!  Folks are losing their gravy train and it hurts.  One thing for sure, as far as "The Comey Rule" is concerned, like Will Rogers once said, "The only thing we know is that when a politician opens his mouth, it's a lie".  I doubt much 'Truth' will result of this mini-series and certainly no damage to POTUS.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio nder the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

(After thought....perhaps our Football Team should focus on their playbook rather than all this "Social Initiative")

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