30 Jul

Harry Stiteler (1948-1950).  Jim Myers (1958-1961).      Hank Folderg (1962-1964).  Gene Stallings (1965-1971) Emery Bellard (1972-1978)  

These men were at the helm of the Aggie Team during my first years in Bryan.  They all had an impact on me, personally.  I would add R. C. Slocum to the list simply due to respect.  He, too, was a winner.  Harry Stiteler was before we moved to Bryan, but he was kind enough to allow Bill Arhos and I to fish his fine stock tanks out in Harvey at will.  I have a deep admiration for men who dedicate their lives, building other men.  I tried to do the same with my fellows who gave their time and talent to my program.  And, of course no 'mixed' choir is possible without the ladies.  Rest assured I had a bevy of beauty, every year.  It was a "Labor of Love" for me.

On a personal note.  The following announcement distresses me:

"The NFL will allow players to place the names of victims of police brutality and systemic racism on the padding on the backs of their helmets for the 2020 season, according to a report."

Don't you see what this is.  It isn't about the victims, it's about racial hatred being fanned into delirium by BLM and the deep state of hatred generated by people with deep pockets in an attempt to overthrow our Democracy.  I will promise one thing.  I will not watch a single NFL game that is a contest between any team participating in this travesty. As far as I am concerned, professional sports has entered an arena that has nothing to do with 'games'.  Riots are funded by despicable people and our young adults have been brain washed to the point of total confusion and lack of love for anyone else.  Of course, I detest any violence toward another, whether by law enforcement or otherwise, but TRUTH is not the basis for all this "social concern".  The bottom line is for America to cease to exist.  God's Word calls such acts, "ABOMINATIONS".  And for me to participate, it would appear that I condone such maliciousness and hatred.  Nothing about any of this is "CHRISTLIKE", nothing!

That's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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