24 Oct

 One very important difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is the Middle East issue.  The Bible is filled with prophecies of conflict there.  At the centre of today's Trump Middle East efforts is  adherence to protecting Israel and combating Iran.  We all know of the Obama policy of appeasement regarding Russia and Iran.  We also now that President Trump is perfectly aware of the danger of both.  He has worked (against all political and media attacks) to bring about a Peace Accord and should Joe Biden become President, all of that will go down the drain.     There was no mention of foreign policy last evening. What we get with each time the two are in debate is attacks on Trump and friendly chatter with Biden. Disgusting!  I ask you, "How honest is the media?'  Since 2016, Donald Trump has been the 'boogey man', responsible for every ill that has befallen the world.  Ridiculous!!  

I wish my President would smile and say, "From where media and progressives and democrats sit in their darkened corner, whining because they lost in 2016, we who walk in the light of Truth must continue to carry the Torch of Freedom and Godly conduct for the good of all of us". But, since that hasn't happened, it doesn't mean all is lost since President Trump is a "Man After God's Own Heart", donchaknow.  Really!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin'69

(Thank God! At least President Trump dropped the Laptop Email bomb on Biden)

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