21 Oct

President Trump made a statement that I agree with.  He said he might just leave America if Biden is elected.  I certainly understand his feeling, since I have shared that same thought with family.  Since he is so deeply hated by what appears to be a majority (which I doubt, by the way), it may be safer.  My heart breaks with the thought that our Republic would become Socialist!  It will most likely mean doom and gloom for folks my age.  Deep down, I fear the progressives intend genocide of the elderly through the "ACA".  God forbid, but ObamaCare could result in just that. I do think it time that everyone pay their own way.  I am on medicare and SSA because I had to be.  Thank God! Without these I would be sitting some corner on a plastic bucket with a cardboard sign, "Please HELP!" (If it hadn't been for my gracious family, I would have anyway). My conscience would never allow me to become a ward of the state.  So, if Obamacare was what I think it was to be, l'd simply be 'gone'.  It couldn't be otherwise since the Democrats would give all of the help to illegals and idles.  It is of concern that so many are ignorant of facts as to just how subversive government has become.  That is so very obvious since over the past four years, more good has been done for us all by a man, despised by many,  who  has accomplished more good than any duly elected Commander in Chief sitting in the Oval Office in years!   Evil runs rampant in our streets and even though thousands cheer for My President, the hate mongers demand a change for the worse.  I do believe that God is finally fed up with us if that happens.  Then all any believer has going for them is the RAPTURE!  Shame, Shame. (Forgive me for adding that we would be better off if all those who threaten to leave America should the "Right" man win, would DO IT!)

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.

AMENJames G Austin, Med/PR'69

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