12 Sep

All sports venues are gradually losing me with all this so called, "Social Justice"!   I have spent my life totally "Color Blind".   As a teacher, I only saw 'color' as rudeness or misbehavior erupted, but it never went passed the notice.  I believe all this social emphasis on racial abuse is motivated by only one desire and that is to destroy this nation.  We were fertile for all this unrest after decades of emphasis on how a certain race has been abused in textbooks and classrooms.  I have shared my concern when Kruschev told President Nixon, "Give me your youth and I will destroy you!"  How very prophetic and true today.  Anti-American sentiment has been gradually taught from K through PHD for decades and it is evident in the ignorance of such movements as BLM and all this hoopla over social issues.  Destroying American Culture is the goal and it is working as planned.  Emotional reaction has been for sale from the first commercial advertisement back in ancient times.  Look at the ongoing appeal for contributions to charities and political campaigns.  Our mind follows our heart and the hearts of Americans are hardened without their knowledge. Those organizing all this upheaval and anarchy could care less about social circumstance.  The evidence of their plot is daily touted by the Democratic Party.  What is occuring in cities all across this nation is not simply demonstration of concern.  It is downright unacceptable and demonic.  That is bad enough but now we have this abomination invade college and professional sports.  Some in administrative or ownership positions disgust me!   What's coming next ? Tell the team to stop "saying" and start "Playing"!  I am rapidly losing interest in the game I love as my teams turn tail!  

Social Distancing will not be necessary with empty stadiums, donchaknow.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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