17 Sep

Back in the sixties, when Troy Dungan, Billy Arhos and I were taking summer advanced courses at Texas A&M,  at first we just were taking courses to say we were "Former Students".  We each had an undergraduate degree already, but it meant something to be an "Aggie".  Interestingly, we each had matriculated from another university for our Bachelor's.  Troy was a Baylor Bear, Arhos was a Rice Owl and I, a BearKat from Sam Houston State.  I believe I was the only one who was seeking a Masters. Bill was about to teach in Bryan Schools, so he was completing Education requirements.  Troy just wanted to be an Aggie.  We were all employed at KBTX, channel 3 and after the evening run, we would all pile into our cars and go out to Square Lake for a mess of frog legs. There were times when a friend or two would accompany us.  They usually weren't wearing the shoes for the event but since we were the ones with flashlights, they always opted to roll up their britches and wade along with us.  Troy, Bob Huffaker and I would shine lights and Bill would get the frogs with his bow and arrow.  We waded very quietly about 20-feet from the shore, shining our lights shoreward and eyeballs were all over the place.  Frogs would squat just at the water's edge, croaking and blinking and Arhos was a "Top Shot".  After a successful hunt, we would roll down our britches and take our sack of frogs over to my house for Saralee's PopTarts and to clean our mess for a great Sunday dinner.  We did this every week when the weather was OK and friends ruined good shoes.  Arhos and I taught at Lamar Junior High.  I was teaching choral music at Stephen F Austin  and Lamar and Bill was teaching History at the junior high.  One day when deer season just opened, Bill didn't show up for his first class.  Principal Carl Orr called me out of class and said, "Austin, do you know if Arhos is alright?"  I had no idea, but just about that time, we all saw Arhos' drive in and park.  There was a nice 6-point buck laying across the car's hood.  At dawn he had taken  a quick drive out to Harvey with his bow and arrows in the back seat.  His Peugeot had a sunroof and as luck would have it, there was a nice buck just across a ditch.  Bill slowly raised up through the sunroof, took aim and let'er fly!  Bullseye!  Being a good hunter, it was only right that he bring his kill in to have it dressed.  He stopped by the school to let everyone see his buck.  Mr. Orr didn't fire him, but you certainly got the impression that it was on his mind.  Bill didn't return for a second year.  He did alright, however, after learning how basic television worked during part-time at Channel 3, he went to Austin, was hired as program director of KLRN and went on to become quite successful as a producer/General Manager.  You may know him as the creator of one of Public Television's most respected people since he created "Austin City Limits".  He was honored by President George W. Bush and has his name on the Wall of Honor down in Rice University.  When I read the following verse from the Bible, I thought of my good friends, Troy, Bill and Bob.  They did outstanding work in the media, but never boasted about any of it.  "Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom." (James 13:3)  Men of Honor and my Dear Friends!

 And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin'69

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