30 Nov

Dear President Trump,

Be not dismayed, God will take care of you!  Of all the men who have sat at the Oval Desk, you sir, are the only man who has done the right thing for all of us, FIRST. You are a man after God’s own heart, sir!  Mr. Trump, we didn’t lose the election, it was stolen by the same outlaws that you were determined to kick out of Washington by Draining The Swamp!  You scared the crap out of those reprobates and they are quaking in their boots that you ain’t finished yet. Ignorance is no excuse for this national travesty.  Just as Maude said, “God will get them for this!”  You are still in the saddle, so give ‘me Hell!  Those of us who know the Truth are not the least bit worried. All this mess means is that our Holy God is about to take charge. America is of His creation and those who think differently are in for a big surprise. Mr. President, save your money!  Relax and watch what our God can do.  It is no secret  to His children. To God Be The Glory for the things He Has Done through YOU!  "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever." (Psalm 136: 1,126)
God Bless you and VicePresident Pence and all yours and thanks for caring so much to do your very best for America!

I am blessed having seen what a man called by a Holy God can do for a nation!  You will always be My POTUS!

Best Regards,

James G Austin,’69

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