25 Nov

Here's a bit of trivia fun.  If you would, please, write a 'comment' with your answers.

"Music of Our Lives"

What song has “Purple” in it? 

How does the last verse of “Amazing Grace” end? 

What song talks about “Touching a Leaf”? 

What was Gogi Grant’s big hit? 

What was the title of Fats Domino’s first big hit? 

What river is named in a hymn? 

What song did Franz Gruber compose? 

What hymn talks about lost sheep? 

Name a hymn that talks about mansions. 

What flower grows in the valley? 

The Jordanaires sang backup in what song? 

What was the name of Robert Goulet’s big hit from a Broadway Show? What was the name of that show? 

What is the name of the song about a musical scale? 

What great praise song was written by George Beverly Shea? 

What did ‘liddlelambs’ eat?  

What great song did a “Cat” sing?  

What was Marty Robbins big hit? 

Who sang about a pet shop window?

What was the title of Johnny Mathis' first big hit?

When I say "Mitch Miller" what song comes to mind?  How about Frankie Laine, Ray Conniff, Ray Charles, The DeCastro Sisters or Johnnie Ray?

Name one hymn you sang at Easter Service.  

Name a praise song written by Bill Gaither.  

What was the last word of our “Benediction”?  

If I sang at your wedding, what did I sing?

And, what do I get from MY box of chocolates?

I apologize to all my "young" visitors, but I just wanted to go "LITE" for once.

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