26 Nov

We operate on misconception constantly.  My mailbox is filled with pleas for more funding to various "causes".  I have my doubts as to just how much impact commercials for 'Godly' causes really have.  We are dealing with ignorance, perpetrated by poor classroom teaching from K through PHD.  Minds are darkened and hearts are hardened to truth.  I have no idea as to who is reading this blog.  It may not be going anywhere, seen by anyone, but that will not stop me sharing what I believe to be the TRUTH for LIFE.  I will begin a ZOOM virtual prayer meeting/Bible Study every Sunday morning at 8AM(Central Time), beginning November 29th.  I believe the Children of the One True God, gathered in corporate prayer, is the answer to the ails of America. Not more money.  Not more demonstrations.  Not more blogging, just prayer.  I invite anyone to participate. ZOOM allows attendance by audio only and silent prayer is just as powerful as vocalizing.

God promises to heed everyone of his children's prayers, but gives much more importance when two or more are participating.  If you are interested, simply leave a "YES" and your email in 'Comments'.  I will reply with the access information.  Each session will not last over 30-minutes.   If you are a True Believer the The Blood of Jesus Christ as our only hope for life, respond and join "The Gathering for Godly Good" by a "YES" in COMMENTS. (your information will never be shared. only replied to from me  with "join" information)

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates, right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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