08 Sep

This film featuring two fine actors, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, directed by Rob Reiner, captured my imagination.  It probably did so for you too.  The lists for the two men would probably fit most of us, and was politically correct.  As I sit here in my corner studio, it occurs to me that one major "need" is missing.  After all the wonderful experiences; after life ends, there is Eternity.  It's much too late to deal with that while experiencing all the other.  Unfortunately, too many of us simply don't consider that until it's too late.  From where I sit on life's timeline, I praise God that I have taken care of "Eternity"!  The Holy Bible teaches that I am among the minority doing so.  I also have come to the realisation that all the wonderful completed experiences in my bucket are like puffs of smoke.  I AM "too anointed to be disappointed and too blessed to be depressed", because of Jesus Christ's "Bucket List".  When I put myself in His sandals, knowing what His list included, it makes all my accomplishments simply detritus .  I also now realise that all my accomplishments of any value were through doors opened for me.  I was simply along for the ride!  Only a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ can say this.  As I share these thoughts, I think of all the young men and women who have yet to begin life's journey of education, career and family.  University matriculation is uppermost in your thoughts, but It would be best to take care of eternity, first.  Waiting until later will be a mistake.  The world will win the battle for your soul without Christ in your heart.  You really don't want to take the wrong road to 'forever'!  Add to your curriculum, The Holy Bible.  Don't just read it, INTERNALISE IT!  It is the most important "textbook" you will ever study!  Acceptance of what it says will be the most important step of Faith you will ever take. Just remember this, "Hell is full of Good Folks Without Christ"!  And, remember this, "The really smart Aggie has 66 books in his/her library", and all have been read, many times. The First 'book' is titled "GENESIS" and the last, "REVELATION".  (By the way, the film would leave us to believe Morgan and Jack failed the test since their coffee cans contained only temporal things)

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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