14 Oct

What a few dedicated men worked for so very long ago has become a broken system and it breaks my heart.  The Constitution of the United States of America was adequately inspired in its original form.  The sinful nature of mankind has made it necessary for amending.  No law that has ever been passed that does not agree with that of God, is illicit and many are abominations.  Our mistake is allowing too many with a form of legal training to be allowed to represent us.  To be very honest depends and you must realise this to be true.  Over my lifetime, I have been promised action that would make my life safer and assure me of fair play and the problems continue to grow and multiply.  It is all sounding brass and tinkling cymbals.  It is all "Great ToDo About Nothing!"  "Good" men and women get elected to congress and "Bad" things still happen.  The Family of God takes second place to Political Party.  Progressive pressure overtakes Common Sense and the whole reason for public schools is lost in the shuffle for Social Initiative. Law and Order disappears in favour of "Defunding and the Right to Riot"!  We have become a Nation of "Suers".  Our young have been reared with war games, selfies and "Social Studies" instead of "Historical Fact".  Universities teach "America the Bad" instead of "America the Beautiful".  Modern Thinking has replaced Holy Thought.  Body Beautiful has replaced the Beatitudes. Charity has become Big Business instead of the business of the church.  Fractured Family has resulted in abuse of the sick and elderly.  Boys want to be Girls and Girls want to be Boys.  Holy Marriage is rapidly disappearing.  I won't even get into the abominable practice of "same sex".  Churches are becoming social gatherings for entertainment purpose.  Our National Anthem and Emblem are desecrated.  Our boundaries are ignored.  Our elected officials have forgotten their promises and our press has become a joke. Our word is subject to change and 'something for nothing' is quite popular. Duly elected are not to do what is right, but what is expedient.  Men and women who would make a difference are defamed and  subject of maliciousness and hatred.  We get our way and gripe about it.  We don't "Love our Neighbour", we don't even know them. We despise anyone who is successful and praise reprobates.  We glory in another's difficulty and  are jealous of another's success.  We determine another's worthiness by appearance and we stew in our own juices.  We are drawn to tragedy and slow down for a look at accidents.  We want to be 'liked', but have forgotten how to "love".  "Absolute" depends.  (As you read this know it hurts more to write it since it's all about me!). How about we all stop and begin again with a clean heart and walk?

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates  here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, Med/PR'69

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