11 Oct

The whole world was interested in our President's COVID-19 interruption, counting the hours and then the backlash when he appeared on the balcony of the Whitehouse was negative! POTUS cannot win either way.  Now the Debate Commission has determined that the President might still be too ill to allow the debate to be 'live', so they have set it to be "virtual".  That doesn't sit well with President Trump and he refuses to participate.  He wants to face Biden in person and there is also the suspicion that a 'virtual' setting would possible provide technology that would improve Biden's response with 'coaching-by wire and teleprompter".  Now, the President suggests that the debate be postponed until just prior to the election and Biden's representative find that to be unacceptable.  Since voting has already begun, I can't see any further 'face-off' between the two to be worthwhile.  The 'moderator' system simply doesn't work for me.  I would rather see the two battle it out, face to face, without an umpire.  Put them behind plexiglass shields and let them go at it.  May the best man win.  Of course, Biden would never agree to this and political sensitivity would prevail.  Nothing anyone can say will make difference now.  If the voting is legal and above board without downright cheating, I have no doubt as to who will be victorious.  The parties are so far removed and one is so far anti-Trump, only common sense can save us.  God has made those elected to office to be respected.  He seems to be protecting Donald Trump since before the was sworn in.  Impeachment began to be whispered when the attempt to find collusion.  Impeachment became a reality even though there was no constitutional grounds for it.  Progressives used the power of the dollar to upset Trump's progress I draining the swamp, even to jettison the appointment of two Supreme Court Judges.  Now, comes the question of President Trump's ability to serve due to a bout of COVID-19.  Another circus will come to town as a new lady will be confirmed to replace Justice Ginsberg. After all this negative, Donald Trump has prevailed.  The whole thing is enough to cause me to spit. With just a few weeks until the election, the choice is very simple.  Either we want America to survive or disappear completely.  There is no middle ground.  One thing for sure, there has never been a more pronounced evidence of "GOOD" and "EVIL" than this and the last Presidential Election.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, Med/PR '69

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