26 Sep

The Holy Bible teaches that anyone who is not a believer in Christ Jesus is an "antichrist".  Scripture also says that many 'antichrists' will appear during life on earth.  Now, that's a sobering thought for every human being!  All Believers know the Holy Bible to be inspired by God and visited on mankind by the Holy Spirit.  All Believers believe every word in the sixty-six books to be the inerrant word of God himself.  It may come as a shock to you who 'do not believe in the soul cleansing blood of Jesus Christ' to be the only way to eternal life with God and the Saints, it may chill you to the bone!  Yep!  You may be the most honest, dependable, highly respected man, woman or child, but without Jesus Christ as your Saviour, YOU are an 'antichrist'! No two ways about it.  Either "In-or-Qut"!  You will not believe what I just said, because you don't believe!  Our human intellect is controlled by the SINister minister and is just is too smart for our own good.  If you ever break a law and, just for a second, know it was 'bad', that's the Holy Spirit and that's when you need to come clean.  To ignore your conscience is just what the SINister minister wants and every time you do it, it becomes so much more fun and a lot easier.  Mayhem and maliciousness comes naturally and if you ignore the still small voice of conscience enough times, you have made a big mistake.  You want to see for yourself a bunch of 'antichrists'?  Check out BLM activities.  The confused and mislead masses involved are simply being USED by bigger 'antichrists' and there's a bunch of those birds. they number in the majority in Federal, State and Local governments. They make up masses of Illegals who are demanding to be treated was if they weren't.  What is sad is that they are all 'puppets' of haters of God and America.  Here's the bottom line:  Tragedies caused by others is due, entirely, to a hardend heart, without Jesus.  I am determined not to be an 'antichrist', how about you?

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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