23 Jan


A most solemn event is observed at Aggieland, honoring those who have answered the "12 Man" call for the last time.  Military service took many Former Students and there has been  too many whose life was snuffed out much too early due to disease and fatal accidents. I have never attended Muster and will probably never do sol, but my prayers are with all those who have lost an Aggie.  My heart is for the living.  Muster salutes those who will never answer roll call on earth, but there are a bund of us still living and it is for those that I seek to share Jesus Christ.  I regret any unpleasantness this blog may bring about, but God has a work for me still.  I feel like Jeremiah with laments for those who ignore the truth of life.  I sometimes feel it total futility to write about just one thing, but until the world comes to the knowledge of who Christ is and what he can do for our souls, I will continue to put thoughts together daily and pray that my thoughts will somehow turn eyes toward Him.  He understands and spent three years ministering and sharing God's Truth and still there were those who saw and forgot.  Jesus would be a big hit on today's reality television.  Think about what shock and awe we would feel as a man who had been dead for three days, wrapped in a shroud, walked forth at the summons of My Lord.  Or what a news headline there would be when a multitude of people were fed to their full with just five little loaves of bread and three fried fish.  then there was the first miracle that Jesus performed, quite early in life by turning water into vintage wine at a wedding feast.The Bible says that there would not be room for the complete number of miracles by Christ Jesus, world-wide, and the greatest miracle was the day Jesus saved my soul!  He's continuing to bless my life and forgive each sin, past, present and future.

The glorious part about all this is that Jesus can and will do just the same for everyone, everywhere, forever.  And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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