15 Jan

A NEW party and you're invited!

President Trump has suggested, "What we need is a new political party since we can't tell the difference between those we have today."  I totally agree.  I've thought and prayed about it and I like our new party to be the 'Patriot Party'.  Any and all who will honor God and his statutes will be welcome.  I do not mean to be tacky and condemn any other folks who believe in a god other than the God of The Holy Bible.  A person's personal belief is 'personal' and sacred, but I must warn you, ''when you join the Patriot Party, you will be somewhat uncomfortable if you truly believe in any other god than  God.  You will be welcome, if you can tolerate "Jesus" talk and total compliance with God's Laws, period.  Patriots will, by faith and prayer, walk the walk and talk the talk of Godliness.  Of course, being a Patriot will be reason for difficulty since not everyone is seated at God's table as members of His Royal Family.  Those in opposition, and they are many, will bring unholy pressure on all of us who truly belong.  So, if you can't truly LOVE everyone and FORGIVE everyone and PRAY for everyone, perhaps you should remain in one of the other parties.  If you cannot live with the pledge to our flag and honor our Constitution and respect those whom God places in leadership and keep your own plate clean, then God Bless You and Keep You, but don't count on it. Heaven is a Private Club and is only entered though the Cross of Christ. If this is of interest and you are willing to take our pledge, let me know and I will tell my President of your interest.  He will be thrilled to hear from us.  And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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