13 Jan

Complete the Agreement!

I believe God will 'get them' for allowing college football player on scholarship to "Opt Out" early.  I believe the privilege to attend college and be afforded a scholarship should require the student to complete four years.  I am very unhappy with my Aggie athletes who decide to go pro when this COVID problem allows them another year.  Our 2020 team was probably the finest, over all, we've had in decades. I was so very excited, and mentioned the fact, that the whole team could stay and trounce some folks.  But, we. will never know, will they? The older I get, the more convinced I am that professional sports is not as important as I thought.  When politics enters activity of teams, the whole thing stinks.  It wouldn't surprise me to find that Jimbo feels the same, but out of respect of a youngster's decision, holds his tongue.  "OPT OUT" is a bad thing.  One should complete the contract afforded and stay four years, then grab that ''Brass Ring"!  Back when Johhny Football made his decision, I felt it too soon.  Looks like I was right.  I wish my Aggies well.  I pray for their healthy success, but what this 2020 Texas Aggie Football Team could have accomplished in 2021!?  Well, as Doris Day sang, "Que Sera".  I pray that all of them do the right thing and give their best effort for the full year of their next contract, if they get a contract. There are a bunch of players out there, who are big and fast and can throw.  Just sayin'

And that'w what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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