09 Jan

"It is wise to be a bit panicked when lost"

I have experienced the panic of 'being lost' three times in my life.  Of course, I've not known my exact location many times, but not to the degree of panic. GPS is a marvelous contraption, but there was once when it failed.  But, now let me tell the story of my first encounter.  The Mount Pleasant High School Band was marching in a rodeo parade in Greenville, Texas.  I was an 8th grade horn player and we were required to dress "Western".  I had everything but the hat and my Aunt 'Honey' provided hers.  Even though 'men' didn't wear cowboy hats with the felt braided brim, I did.  After the parade, the band piled on the bus to return the 60 miles back to Mount Pleasant.  Honey, mother and I had her car, so we had lunch and did some shopping is a department store that took up a whole city block with four entrances.  Mother told me to remember to meet them at the Main Street exit.  I got confused and panicked!  I had no idea which of the four was "Main Street"!  My Mother also panicked and my Aunt told her to "wait right here", and I had the gumption to go to the center of the store and wait.  She found me and even though I received correction, it was fine to be found again.  My son-in-law had a sister in Utah.  We drove up from Vegas to visit one summer Saturday.  There was a huge Mall with a wading area that had water cannons for the kids.  As we were returning to the parking garage, I had to stop and check a hobby store.  The others went on and I simply couldn't find the place where we parked.  COPD was in it's beginning  stage and as I 'walked' the exits, I not only panicked, but couldn't breathe.  I finally simply stopped on an exit ramp and prayed.  Again, even though not the most popular among the group, I was relieved to be 'found'.  The final time was during a drive from back to Texas from Nevada.  We had gone to check on the Cemetery in Mount Pleasant and then to Bryan.  I had driven that scores of times when I first lived in Bryan. I knew the way back then, but a new By-Pass around Palestine was not yet on the GPS!  I was not liked at all after we had driven the entire circle for over an hour and I couldn't find the right road south!  Finally, after asking at four service stations and two mini-marts, a young lady drew a map on a napkin and saved my bacon.  The final leg south was "frigid". Most counties fail to upgrade the satellite.    I learned to download new data for every GPS that day. 

All of this to say, "There are many walking this earth today who are totally lost, spiritually.  They simply haven't a clue.  That's the power of the SINister minister. Even back in the day of one of scripture's minor prophets, Micah, he shares this truth(Micah 6:8):

"He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."  

We have the perfect solution to being "Lost, Spiritually".  Sadly a majority of folks haven't a clue.  

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.

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