03 Jan

"What He Says!"

This just in from Idaho.  This fellow with a long beard,  who started making duck calls and now is like a modern day John the Baptist!

All the way from West Monroe, Louisiana:

· officialphilrobertson


"Politicians put people out of work, killed small businesses, and said it was to protect us. And now Congress wants to send Americans $600 for their troubles? 

Seems like it's the heavy boot of big government we need protection from. We've had just about enough of passing the bill to find out what's in it.

Here's what I know after more than 7 decades on this earth: One kingdom-minded redneck can help a down-and-out redneck better than the government ever could. If we turn that responsibility over to the government and let ungodly legislators determine how to help us and how to spend our money, there's no doubt our money will be used for ungodly ends.

I'll never put my faith in a pork-filled bill so heavy it has to be wheeled around.  I'm going with Jesus Politics instead.  It's time to fight for the right to decide how to use our money to care for the poor, minister to the needy, and advance the message of Jesus. That's exactly what Jesus asks of us, and it's what my book Jesus Politics is all about. Jesus Politics isn't a book for Election Day. It's a book about what we can do EVERY day to love God, love our neighbor, and do what's right — no matter who's running the government. There's still time to get Jesus Politics from Amazon before Christmas, and we're going to need every citizen of the kingdom working together in 2021"

Check yours out today!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of KYLE  FIELD.

James G Austin '69

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