04 Jan

FEMA and a bunch of plastic coffins

You may have read or heard about something from Facebook and other media pertaining to the fact that "the government is stockpiling millions of plastic coffins". FEMA was supposed to be  in charge for our government. Well, actually these containers are intended for funeral homes as a less expensive "liner" for burials.  It is just another example of "print or say it and it is believed". Show photos and it's sweared upon.  There is a new Vivek available on Amazon describing an invasion from outer space that will provide government opportunity to "weed us out". As a Christian Old guy, it wouldn't surprise me that these boxes are intended for a bunch of deaths, all at once.  The rumblings within the Democratic Party would indicate that things are now in place for the eradication of us believers and other folks that don't drift to the left.  I somehow feel that this was the plan or the progressives supporting Hillary and Obamacare.  I can't think of a better way to rid the nation of costly old folk than to make health care disappear for some folks over 65, who aren't 'insiders'.  This lady named Harris is just as big a danger as Ms Clinton ever was. And we've not heard the last from her either. To many, there simply isn't any reason to have the elderly around at all.  I just had a planned procedure called off by medicare.  I had it done back in 2000 without a hitch. So, you figure.  I'm not an alarmist, I just read scripture.  God vowed to never destroy the world with water again, but He said, instead, "It will be by fire!".  I believe there will be a moment when the whole world will be another ''Sodom and Gomorrah"  and those who are God's People will miss it. But, I also believe we will be taken home by rapture before it happens and then, like General MacArthur said to the Philippines, "I Shall Return!"   So, you see, it will all turn out right as God intended.  All the brouhaha and wasted emotional energy will simply be detritus and Heaven Will BE ON Earth, forever and ever.  I can assure you that "Eternal Earth" will beat what we have now, hands down.  So, there's reason to HOPE, donchaknow!  So, accept Jesus and avoid trouble.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field. 


James G Austin '69

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