30 Dec

"Politics, Preference and People"

What makes God controversial?   What is the reason that political discourse is "Taboo"?  To me, they are both at the very center of importance.  the Bible teaches us to be diligent in defending our beliefs.  Jesus never failed to do so, but He had a pure heart.  He must have since HE never gave in to temptation.  You and I cannot say that, can we?  Too many never grow out of the "WANT" into "NEED"!  Many unecessary "wants" damaged relationships all my life. It has taken nearly eight decades for me to see this. I hid behind "You just don't understand me!" for way too long and the damage has been irreparable. Lack of willingness to listen has sent good friends, and kin, packing. Standing on Godly principles will do that, but the real culprit is the spirit in which we do it.  Jesus is the perfect example of disagreement without contentiousness.  He stated 'Truth' and loved the others deeply.  I believe an explanation of belief is sufficient, IF the heart is right.  Only Jesus Christ can make a heart right. I have witnessed the dangerous waters of politics and religion all my life, yet I welcome discourse of same, without contention. It is my ultimate belief that anyone can discuss either in the company of Christ Jesus.  There is no latch on the outside of our heart, we just fail to invite Him into the room. I have recently been asked, "Why have you changed from focus on the past and become so 'evangelical'?"  I can only say, "Two visits from the Holy Spirit".    The first was at a Men's Prayer "huddle" at Harvest Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and just prior to my release from a rehab center in Plano, Texas, in 2017.  Either was enough to take me to my knees.  I just know why I am still around and simply have no choice.  I answered "the knock".  A little discomfort from facing truth now is inconsequential to what is coming down the road.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.   Happy New Year!



James G Austin '69

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