24 Dec

The Day Rush “Rushed In”

I was on the board at KDWN in Las Vegas, Nevada when I threw the switch and put Rush Limbaugh on-air for the very first time. I was not alone in the control room and the atmosphere was charged in anticipation. The owner, general manager,engineer and entire studio staff jammed in to hear what all the ballyhoo was about. We, and the world, we’re not disappointed as “the voice that slammed the door on the LEFT” began decades of solid opinion.  I nearly fell off my chair with his first “FemiNazi” tirade.  He has become a bit gentler in rhetoric, bit his message has always been the same.  Rush Limbaugh has never let up on revealing and regaling anti-Americanism.  Never without succinct conversation, the air waves have “waved” Red, White and Blue for three hours Monday through Friday for as long as he could make it.  This past week was his last show of 2020 and his energy level has obviously lessened, but the miracle that he has made it this far with “Terminal Lung Cancer” is proof of his Faith and Courage.
I thrilled, along with millions, world wide, when President Trump awarded Rush the highest civilian medal at the last”State of tthe Union address. I shall never forget what that meant to me as a broadcaster and fellow American.  As we enter another New Year, let us not forget what Rush said, “I don’t believe we are hopelessly lost, whatever comes. I believe American wherewithal has always 

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