16 Dec

"When Shirttails Won't Hold Shucks!"

Well now, All kneel, for the final court is in session!  Believers are fearful that all final arguments have been made and all the evidence has been shown and all witnesses heard.  In this trial there was no jury.  The Judge has already passed judgement on us once a long time ago and everything but a few folks and a bunch of swimming, flying, crawling, walking creatures survived.  Talk about "Climate Change"!  We ain't seen nothin' yet.  I'm afraid the Eden called America, which was the only paradise left, has been so desecrated by sinful people drifting so far left of center, that as the gavel falls, you'd best all look for flame resistant garments. What we now appear to have is a repeat of Noah's days.  The crazies have gained complete control and shirttails won't hold shucks!  Since we've ignored common sense, we've made History, alright. Change has come and the Judge is disgusted.  He say, "Alright, you want to make a mess of things, then live with it!"  

A few who remain are not the least bit surprised nor concerned since it simply fulfills prophecy and we'll make an exit before the shucks are all gone anyway.  The Judge already decided that a long time ago. The Victory celebrated now is a false one and won't last. Shame, Shame!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


Jim Austin,69

"How To Entirely Empty Your Bowels Every Morning - Top Surgeon Explains How"   I receive this offer practically every morning and after considering who will sit at the Oval Desk.....well......that's enough to solve this problem for me.  Really!

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