15 Dec

"MOM and I"

Marilyn Jane Williams and I married while still students at Sam Houston State.  We lived just down the street from her family home in the Sam Houston Courts apartments (converted Army Barracks).  Our first daughter, Martha Jane, was born in Huntsville and we were terribly young parents.  Her mother was about two blocks away and that was a great benefit. Marilyn worked at the State Prison in the Records Division and I completed my Music degree in 1953.  I then taught at Cedar Bayou for a year and she completed her degree in Physical Education.  We then were hired in Pampa to teach in the junior high.  I began moon-lighting on radio and Marilyn was co-teacher with the wife of a high school coach.  I left teaching and began a career in broadcasting and she completed two years at Pampa.  I had worked nights at Pampa's KPDN during the 1954-55 school year and liked it.  I than was hired at KFDA radio in Amarillo, about sixty miles away in the Texas Panhandle.  Marilyn and Martha moved to Amarillo where she taught elementary PE.  Radio moved me around and we settled for a time with my parents in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.  My son, Steven, was born in Mt. Pleasant in 1958.  I had found better employment with Plant Protection at Lone Star Steel Company and we were starting to move in to plant housing there when we were called to teach in Bryan. We drove that day to Bryan and began teaching just three days later.  That became our home in 1959.  We rented two houses before purchasing my present home ( 1963) where I now have my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.  This photo was taken a few years prior to MOM's passing away in 2019.  She was one of Bryan Public Schools most respected school and bible teachers.  My children are all doing well. Martha and her daughter Kimberly live here in Bryan and care for me 24/7. Steven and Kim Austin live in Austin and their three, Ilysa, Trammel and Quincy, are in San Francisco, Atlanta and Austin, respectfully.  An d' Lis and Darin Cromeans live in Bryan and their sons, Jordan and Jason Cromeans are in the Dallas area.  Jeanlizabeth and Alan Skinner are in The Colony, Texas along with their twins, Austin and Marilyn.  Marilyn did a great job with my family.  Our divorce left her very angry and it took decades for her to forgive me and make me welcome to our home.  My girls were also teachers and my son a Former Student.  He and I run every play of the Cowboys and Aggies.  Even though born  in Mt. Pleasant, Bryan is and will always be my home.  I am blessed to be back, but unhappy that COVD-19 prevents a gathering of all MY former students.  You can be assured that once this mess is over, we will sing The Benediction again.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.



James G. Austin, '69

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