27 Nov

"The Sound of Music"

 I am old-fashioned.  I prefer music that has melody that is easy on the ears. Full orchestras are in the minority today and that's too bad.  Modernization of everything is not always the best thing to do.  I want Texas A&M to stay traditional.  I wish the Corps was more popular, but at least the Aggie Band has only gotten bigger and kept the dignity.  It displeases me to find that historical monuments on our campus is subjected to disrespect.  The action against "Sully" only goes to show just how far left our classrooms have strayed.  Someone should have pointed out that Sul Ross's statue stood for the very thing they think we don't have.  I suppose coaches are not interested in developing character as much as winning teams.  That is the fault of former students who agree.  Where were the History Profs when the issue came up in class?  The things that interest the masses are too surface for my taste.  Disrespect of our flag and anthem should never occur on the Campus of Texas A&M. the entire student body should be just as vocal when The Star Spangled Banner is played as when the band plays our War Hymn.  Neither should take a back seat to the other.  I long to see worship service filled with the great melodies of hymns.  I would like all services to be "Traditional".  Contemporary music should be relegated to the dance hall.  I love Gaither Gospel, but miss the 'old songs'.  My first and only recording was an album of favorite songs of praise, back in the last sixties, titled "Never Alone".  I had planned it to be the first of a trilogy, but that never panned out.  Along with "Never Alone", there was to be an album of wedding music that I was to title, "For You Alone" and one of musical theatre, "You'll Never Walk Alone". I still think it would have been successful, but Que Sera!   May all your life be Music, beautiful Music!

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