18 Nov


We have been carefully taught to believe in lies, by those with influence.  Many of those are placed in positions of authority by us.  This 'so-called' election is a perfect example of Americans failure to do their homework.  We have been duped by politicians for as long as I have lived.  Selection of those who are to represent us depends on 'appearance'.  We cast our vote for whom we are pleased to listen to or look at.  Donald J Trump simply isn't that type of man and our surface sensibility cost us the right man for the job.  I will never believe the 2020 Presidential Election to be  anything other than a Fraud!  The signs are all there, but our ignorance of truth simply overcame us.  Our country has been "For Sale" for decades, but until we had a business man sit at the Oval Desk, we were just happy as pie to go along with the whole thing.  Washington Swamp recognized the truth and got busy attempting to scuttle the Ship of State, long before President Trump was sworn in. The dark cloud of public opinion was a smoke screen, but we took it for fact.  Shame, Shame!  

One more thing I would like to share is that bias, racism and pregidous come with the territory.  We are creatures of habit "Excuse me, but we are ALL 'People of Color'!

For the life of me, I cannot understand how we have come to the point that simple use of skin color in conversation is so insulting. I recall, while teaching music at an elementary school in Las Vegas, when a 'white' fifth grade boy was a disturbing element in a class primarily 'black', threw a desk and called me the "n" word when told to "Go to the office!" The desk missed, the class laughed and he went. No big deal. Why have we allowed our sin-nature to become so controlling? Why have we come to the point where we are separated by descriptions? Calling me "white" doesn't bother unless you add "trash". And that really doesn't make sense. Why should it matter what I am called? I am what God made me and so are you. He made us as we are to edify, not harm, each other. Today, we are guilty of making issue over the color of our skin to the point of violence. How totally ridiculous! We have always been abusive, because we are human. There will always be incidents of abuse and no laws will ever stop it from occurring. We are selfish creatures. We are ALL flawed creatures by our own nature. Our "first love" is "ME". We are so totally messed up, we get angry at how someone "looks" at us. What we should be concerned about is "Belief Abuse". COMING SOON!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates, right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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