20 Nov

"Pass Interference"

I love indoor football.  The game is fast and mostly passing and that makes it exciting for me.   The rules allow fans to keep any ball thrown into threats, if you catch it.  I'm the old guy with the cowboy hat and this ball was heading for me.  Unfortunately, the defensive back (#4) wanted it more.   He leaped over the barrier, clobbered me and knocked me into the seats.  Very Painful.  I was immediately attended to by the staff at Jerry Jones' Ford Field at the STAR and was taken to the hospital for over-night observation.  I never saw the rest of that game.  One thing I learned that night was how much medicare health insurance saves!   Fortunately, even at my advanced age, I suffered only a deep bruise and was released the next day. Unfortunately, I didn't get my football.  American football is my favorite sport, but only Aggies, Cowboys, Titans, and Frisco Fighters really interest me.  The game featured here was between The Texas Revolution and Duke City Gladiators, over two years ago.  The Rev folded right after this game. They lost.  Personally, professional sports has  become too 'politically correct' for my taste and the indoor game is more interesting, but when my Texas Aggies strap it on, well, nothing else matters, donchaknow.   Hopefully, this coming season of Indoor Football will happen and be on TV. (Please)

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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