17 Nov

“What Tics Me Off?”

He was the laughing stock at the beginning, but got serious opposition from the establishment every second of every day, because he was doing the things he promised. Some are still undone due to politics and deep pockets of the dark state.  That became evident because of his doing and not taking.  His activity behind the scenes became evident when impeachment began to gain momentum.  The whole plan of “Draining the Swamp “ was not directed at those elected to office at the polls, but the powerful beaurocracy of appointees on the hill.  Their “cover” was exposed by wholesale firing, and that simply wasn’t how things are done.  We saw evidence of the disgruntled during the futility of the “so called “Impeachment” hearings.  That will, along with this election, go down as the darkest age of American Democracy.  Nothing honorable motivates the deep state progressives. It is totally the sense of untouchable power,  limitless power that impacts honest effort for common good.  Our forefathers feared what has happened since 2016.  They included stop-gaps to control it, but even that sacred document is in danger of being destroyed.  It has been said, " The only sure thing that we can depend on when Politicians open their mouth is that they are lying”.  That’s tragically true and we know it! And it totally ticks me off!  Trump/Pence is it taking this travesty to court, NOT for personal gain, but for you and me!  Theirs is the purest of reasons, they love America the Beautiful!  They will take on every comer who is motivated to change that in any form. And I am totally in their corner, praying diligently for God to truly shed His Grace on US.  It angers me that there are those with EVIL intent, whose lies are believed, and I am not alone.  We who know the TRUTH, know the truth.

And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin,’69

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