27 Apr

Then and Now

It's good to take stock since my mind is still stuck in 1959 and my body has arrived to today.  Lots of stuff has fallen, donchaknow. Really. I used to be able to see my toes, standing, looking straight down.  The shower entrance here at 2209 seems to have shrunk.  The only pillI took in '59 was probably Coricidin"D".  I could walk at a fast clip, leaping to the stage and never gasped.   Vision was corrected by single lense glasses and I could hear folks whisper in the other room.  Back then I could lie flat in bed, sleep a full 8-hours and leap up an start my day.  I could stay up until midnight and drink coffee all day. I didn't have to wear 'special underwear' and could go all day without a bathroom break.  I was on top of the world and looked with pity at those who were my age now.  i could climb a ladder to clean out gutters and had all the grip anyome could need. I could sing close to three octaves and I could really sing!

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