27 Apr

"Good and Perfect" is not found in Amazon

Our house is well known by Amazon drivers.  Theycan bring just about everything my little heart desires. I've not had to send very many things back, and the same is true of WalMart.  Facebook is a mystery.  It seems soft porn is allowed but trut, real truth, is censored.  Why?  it saddens me that there isn't another option for friends to gather. Or, perhaps we have no interest in socializing anymore.  I plan to have a social gathering for friends this summer.  I have no idea as to when post-shots one is virus free, or if that is even possible.  It has been a week since my second shot and all seems to be well. (I have thought, "What is all this distancing, masks and fear is baseless?) I do l do know that our Creator is much smarter than we are.  As a believer, it is my stand on Faith that I am safe from all alarms, but it seems to be more intelligent not to take dumb chances.  I pray that all we've gone through over the past years was legitament.  I have lost my Social Security card!  I have applied six times, gone through the process of receiving a special code that will allow me to access my account and I never get that code.  I made reservations for a legal State ID and had everything I thought I needed and was told that a scanned copy of a 'legal' Birth certificate wasn't enough to get me to the desk of an official State ID issuer!  Now, I await a visit from a DMV representative to come to my home and enroll me. I am also told that my Doctor can give me a copy of my health history and that will afford proof of my existence??  'Tis a puzzlement!  it's a very unsettling feeling that a ninety-year-old Native Son has more difficulty getting a legal ID than someone from across our border who climbed a fence. 

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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