29 Apr

The Son of Man is not the son of a man

Famous people get more attention than Jesus.  While playing on stage at the Desert inn in Las Vegas, our cast members were “celebrities”1st.  Even after the show closed, for years, I was treated with “Celebrity status  in all casinos.  It was a “heady” experience. The publicity directors of all of them always gave us VIP treatment. That stopped when we stopped going to shows there. My image was on all Nevada Resort Association and Desrt Inn TV spots.  That all stopped when we stopped going. I  was the only Principal actor who remained there after our year-long run. Along with my daily stint on-air at KORK radio, I was “somebody”.  Today?  Forgotten and unknown.  Fickle Fame is Fleeting, thus of no eternal value, but while it flames, it’s a Hoot. A former SFA student recognized me this past week at the Brazos County inoculation tent and was very kind. He and his wife were volunteers. When he walked up  to our car as Martha parked in “Hadicapped” parking and recognized her as a former classmate it was reunion time, but when she sais, “you remember my dad?”, he nearly fainted! I did too! He called his wife over and we had a great reunion, right there. He wasn’t;t in my choir and she played in the band. I had to do my traditional PA announcement that I did for 14 years and the they both “escorted” us to be the first to receive our shots. My caregiver and I got them at the same time. Martha’s comes later. I had not had that much celebrity attention in years and it was extremely pleasant, but humbling.  It‘s nice to be appreciated While you’re alive, donchaknow.

it reminds me of how the only sinless, perfect man is treated today. Dr. Luke wrote about him in his gospel. In Luke 19:10, he writes this:

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.“. And we have totally ignored it. So did those who lived in Jesus’ day.   Shameful.

In have been without a state ID for several years. I finally got an appointment and was told that a copy of a notarized birth certificate was not acceptable. Isn't it funny that a native son, at the age of 90, is denied an ID, when so many who climb a fence have no problem at all.  Tis a Puzzlement.

And yhat's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


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