26 Apr

How Things Have Changed!

Took a Jeep ride with my son-in-law Wednesday. The weather was perfect and since we had his service dog with us, all was well. When I left Bryan, back in early ‘70, most of the roads Darrin took were not much more than narrow lanes, but not now. We took Highway 30 into where Harry Stiteler’s place was and all that land has been developed into  very upscale community. Very large homes and many more under construction. I couldn’t find the fine stock ponds that Harry had stocked with bass. 

I am amazed at the change in B/CS.  Actually it should read CS/B,since A&M has taken over a lot more acreage.  Sadly, we sat at the entrance of what was Texas World Speedway and I thought back to that first race.  I had a tiny production company, “Sound Ideas“, that was a two-man radio production outfit and at that time was chairman of the Brazos County March of Dimes. One of our board members’ husband was in charge of the speedway and I volunteered to promote that first race.  What is out there now is just a hump in the ground, blocked off by security fencing. Funny, but I felt that same thrill felt on race day back yonder.

All of it came flashing back When I had the pleasure of recording the words of Bill France. Sr. when he was inducted, posthumously, into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.

it is a blessing to once again live in Bryan, Donchaknow. Really.

And that’s what I get from my box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


Gig ‘em!

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