18 Apr

Back for More

you may have thought I had fallen in a hole or perhaps had the 'Gestapo' knock on my door, but alas, the reason for my absence was simple.  My Mac is sick and in the shop.  This is on my antique PC that has a mind of its own.  I now am three days away from my final COVID shot and then I plan to get out a bit.  The first thing I will do is find a good restaurant here in Bryan/College Station that serves Liver and Onions.  No one will provide me with my favorite dish, so I shall search and savor. 

 It also concerns me that my university is drifting more into left field.  I have a powerful love for Texas A&M University.   I never would have dreamed that tradition as solid as that established over a century would ever be in danger of abominable philosophy.   Texas A&M has always stood for Honor, God and Country.  The power of getting it done in spite of opposition and difficulty has been the backbone of this campus.  It hasn't always come easy, but the focus has always been on team work and determination.  We are now focusing on detritus in the classroom.  We are so lost in social situations, we've lost sight of the truth of life.  Texas Aggies are into selfies and social ills and none of them have the right prescription for the cure.  Black Lives have always mattered.  All lives matter.  It saddens me to see us wallow in hopelessness when the whole basic nourishment for mankind is already written in Scripture.  

It is up to common sense by Former Students to bring about a return to Godly Truth in Education.  Too many souls will be lost unless all of us return to living Godly lives.  We must not continue to drift toward disaster.  This foolishness of social concerns isn't where we need to be spending our time and energy.  Aggies! We have Our Own Swamp to drain at the corner of Texas Avenue and University Drive!  

Someone on first name baby placing the wrong people in seats of authority and behind classroom desks.  Investment in what is happening now is only a waste.  You cut off the funding and then see how well our board listens!  You can start by joining the Rudder Association.  (www.rudderassociation.org)

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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