10 Apr

And We Still Are!

In Romans, it say that Christ died for us when we were sinners.  It's interesting, we only focus on the 'were', thinking our sin is past, but guess what?  We Still Are!  You and I are sinners by brith.  We will never rid ourselves of sin, but it's OK, since Christ died for past, present and future sins.  We will never be sinless, but we can be forgiven!  He paid the full price for every sin by everyone, forever on that terrible cross.  Are you a murderer?  Are living with someone, outside of martimony?  Have you failed to keep a promise?  Have you aborted a baby?  Do you envy?  Are you jealous?  Do you gossip?   Have you stolen?   Do you fornicate?   Do you commit adultry?  Do you take the Lord's name in vain?   Do you look at someone with lust?  Are you a total sinner and lawbreaker?  Well, join the club!  Me TOO!  I have committed many of your same sins, but I Am Forgiven!  I will be found innocent at Judgement because Jesus is My Savior and Lord!  He has promised to keep me safe for ever and that's much longer than the short life span we now enjoy.  If you believe, repent and continue to walk the righteous path, you will be there with me.   HALLELUIA!

Romans 5:6-8 says: "

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