08 Apr

Again and Again

Nothing new in politics.  We just recycle the same stuff, election after election and with the exception of Donald J Trump, we continue to do that again.   The problem with America is us!  We recycle the same detritus, year after year, election after election, and when we get the right man sitting in the oval office, we reject him for terrible reasons.  Intelligence is diffused by false statements of fact.  Scripture says that Jesus Christ was not an appealing man.   He was different than the norm and even though he created miracles, he was murdered.  It was all God's plan to begin with.  Our Father was not surprised at the outcome of His Son's Ministry.  Death was necessary as a sacrifice for us and we are becoming just like the heathens who killed Jesus.  We are judgmental and unfair in our opinions.  We hold a man's mannerisms more important than his results.  We pushed the man after God's Own Heart out and recycled with an elderly gentleman who can only parrot what others tell him and even then he fumbles and mumbles.  Why are we in trouble and like the frog, blissful in a pot of water being slowly brought to boiling.  We do not deserve saving, we are happy as a pig in slop with mediocrity and liars.  We will never learn until the curtain falls on a drama that began with hope and proper direction and ends with the same mediocrity we've experience for our entire life, led by a creature cast out of the presence of an Almighty God for disobedience.  Aren't we something else?  No, not really, we're the same old same old and we are beginning to smell bad.  Just like Dandy Don Meredith always said, "Turnout the lights, the party's over. Stick a fork in us for we be done."    

But there is hope for even us.  It is evident in that America still exists because, with all our faults, we are the only Hope for the World, thanks to a Loving God!  We need to stop sowing wild oats.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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