02 Apr

Destruction From Within

"Modern Thinking" is tearing us apart!  Unfortuantely, we are paying people who are determined to destroy the very fiber of our body.  It is happening daily in Washington and it has been going on at Texas A&M for too many years.  UnAmerican, Untrue and Unacceptable.  Tradition was established by our creator.  Hebrews families repeated it daily, without fail, but today, well, anything goes, donchaknow!   We have individuals on our staff at Texas A&M who do not love Texas A&M.  They are determined to make Texas A&M over to today's standards and today's standards are abominations.  We have men and women in leadership positions who are walking in total darkness, subscribed to the dictates of the SINisterminister and it must cease!  We have top level administrators who encourage riotous demonstration with pride! Former students are becoming more and more fed up and The Rudder Association is determined to correct the direction being taken.  We at the association are fed up with the direction of some instruction.  We must never allow display of hate and disrespect of History on this campus.  We need to restore the traditional value that has made Texas A&M the shining light of reason and accountability in the academic world.  We must honestly reason together and stop the eroding of truth in education.  Young minds are being changed from common good to playgrounds of demonic thoughts about Diversity and Equity.  We need discourse, right here in my blog, from Aggies all over the world who are deeply concerned with the direction our university is headed.  Am I and the thousand who are taking our place in the "wall", the only ones truly concerned?  Is that all that remains of Tradition?  I pray not!   Share your thoughts with your  "Comments" here and join The Rudder Association.  Surely Texas A&M University is worth a few dollars and a few words!  Visit www.therudderassociation.org , get involved, calmly, and Gig'em!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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