31 Mar

Comment on "Shout Out"

Just received this response:

"So true! Many, if not all of those in uniform are Reservists who have other careers and serve certain weekends for drill purposes throughout the year unless 'called up' by their governor or the President. They also commit to serve two weeks as a minimum every year at a 'camp'! It may or may not be an easy camp. The past 20+ years have seen many of them not serving their summer camp because they were called up by their governor or the President for additional service. Many of them have given all faithfully because they were activated! This old regular Air Force retiree salutes those 'Weekend Warriors' who regularly put it on the line and serve alongside the 'regulars' doing just as good of a job and sometimes better! Just like the Minutemen of Old! (After all, that's what they really are!) Thank you for your service, my brothers and sisters in arms!"

I sent the blog to the Bryan Eagle.  Hopefully, they will share it in "Letters to the Editor".  They will probably edit same and it won't have my "AMEN". 

Isn't it silly how arrogance clouds minds.  God isn't threatened by any 'action' or 'editing' done by mankind. Really!

Many thanks to my buddy out in Idaho, he may be my only reader.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my tiny corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.

James G Austin '69

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