30 Mar

A Clean House

My clutter reminds me of the Legislature.   We have been the victims of lawyers for to long.  We ned to clean house, both in the HOUSE and SENATE.  Of Course we must allow present members to throw their hat into the ring, but there must be a limit on lawyers from now on.  No law should be ratified without referendum.   The people must be given opportunity to peruse and say yay or nay.   No law should have little favorite projects included (Pork Barrel) and they should be limited to 10-pages with one single consideration.  All elected officials should be required to remain 'at home', three-quarters of their time in office.  They may have a staff office in Washington, but their main office must be where they live.  Major cities will provide facilities each quarter for 'town halls'.  Expense accounts will be posted in local newpapers and media each quarter prior to the town halls.  The Business of America must be an open book, with the exception of activity of national security and that must be open to inspection by state officials who clear background checks.  Background checks must be taken for all who are candidates for any office.  Bureaus must be limited as to power.  We must never be contaminated by a Deep State, NEVER AGAIN!   America is a nation "Under God" and no individual must be given any authority over the citizenry until they swear "So Help Me God".  There can only be on AMERICAN GOD!  Simply put , the God of this Nation is the one who created us all for one purpose and one purpose only.....To do HIS will and give Him all the Glory.

It's way past time for us to get real, America!   Abortion, Same Sex marriage, Homosexuality, Transgender, sexual immorality, pornography, cursing, public nudity, teaching anything but the truth and whole truth are all abominations and we ARE an abomiNATION, for sure.   It's time for Tough Love and Holiness in the House!  Every house........ Mine, Yours and Theirs!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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