26 Mar

Shout Out!

The many who are volunteering and serving during the COVID shots at Brazos Center are doing a superb job!  There must have been over four-hundred that went through in my group this week.  Many in uniform.  I was astounded by the precision and downright country comfort they each presented.  Smiles, kind experessions, going out of their way to assist everyone and even facilitated my visit since I was on oxygen and pushing a walker.  Those were the most steps I've taken in a long, long time, but it was well worth it!  I am convinced that Brazos County is an anointed place to reside.  Not one of the hundreds who were volunteering failed to anticipate our concerns and offer a happy hand.  Those doing the job ranged from young to elderly and it was an outstanding experience.  Too often too many simply go through the paces without caring at all.  I miss the caliber of service demonstrated on Wednesday.  And, my arm isn't aching, too badly.  Sad that we must go through all this, but millions of people have put. in multi-million hours to do what is being done for the life of us all.  It is an honor to share from My Box of Chocolates with a fine group of citizens and soldiers.  God Bless You, Each and Everyone!

And that's what I get right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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