13 Mar

Happy Talk

President Biden did an excellent job by staying on the script.  All that talk about the virus wasn't what we needed to hear, however.  First off, someone must tell Joe that scientists don't run things, God does.  I always amazes me of the divergent paths intellectuals take in order to evade issues.  I am certain that the millions of workers who will lose their jobs due to the Biden pen are fuzzy and warm since our President is just peachy about everything.  Mark Levin pretty did Joe in on this one, so I will not belabor the point since the teleprompter worked flawlessly.  Isn't is wonderful that we welcome all comers with automatic citizenship benefits?  Golly Gee!   A friend who works for a living told me that she heard there are a bunch of criminals included in the mass about to walk across our borders.  "That's not right!", she said.  "Blame it on the polls", I replied.  Before we celebrate Biden's financial assistance, look at our very young children and apologize for the burden of our debt.  Every cent our government puts in our pockets has come out of your paycheck.  It's called "TAX"!   That meter is going absolutely bonkers!   We'd best save that $1400 for payback, someday, for sure.

I pray for Joseph Biden.  I cannot believe he is serious about all that he is doing to us.  But, as long as that check postmarked, "China" arrives, he is deliriously joyful. I just wonder how all these left-leaning folks are paying their fair share of our misery.

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