18 Mar

"Where is the Meat?"

Major corporations, financial institutions and universities have taken a stand against Donald J. Trump, but where is the meat in this sandwich?  Where is the proof that a sitting President took an active part in rebellion?  Why would a man as intelligent as Donald J Trump do such an thing?   If anyone can prove these accusations, then legal action must result, but I've no seen one such proof, have you?  

It is obvious that Trump is disliked, but for what reason?  Why does a man who simply wants to serve this nation and do it for nothing, why would he do such a thing?  

I don't believe it for a minute.  I do believe that if those, who detest him so deeply, continue to cause him and his family pain, then it will put a big dent in his fortune and future fortune.  But, until someone has evidence and will present it, I will never believe it. 

It reminds me of the day, while teaching choral music at Stephen F Austin High in Bryan, I was called to the principal's office and told, "Well, your boys have done it now. They attempted to steal some candy and are in jail."  "I only have one boy, sir, and he is in class at Bonham".  He was and the 'boys' in question did do a dumb thing, but my only association with them was that they were members of my choir.  They did request that I be notified and do whatever I could before their daddies found out.  For sure, I had nothing to do with their mistake and had never even suggested same, but I did go and help ease the problem without it becoming necessary to notify parents.  They probably didn't enjoy the month of "public service" in exchange.  

If there were Trump supporters involved in the "attack" on Capitol Hill,  why would someone believe that Trump was an instigator without investigation?

Just another example of poor character on the part of media and Liberals.   

America stands in the need of prayer, not political shenanigans.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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