28 Feb

Where Is God When We Hurt?

There is some disagreement among scholars and theologians as to the question.   

I believe Jesus to be at our door when he isn't in our hearts.  He promised to "be with us" until the end of time.  If that is true (and I believe it to be true), then there is a peacful comfort for all troubles.  We have a run-away Congress and a President determined to take America into Socialism.  I struggle with this situation, but I also wonder how we have allowed down right vioations of our Constitution?  We now have elected officials who determine, for all of us, just who that Constitution serves and what part of it doesn't fit today's morality.  

My God has never forsaken me and has never done so for any believer, ever. I believe tragedies are permitted as a "Wake Up Call" for all of us.  A reason to stop and take note of what we are about.

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