25 Feb

Back When TV/Radio was Free! 

I remember when all you needed was a receiver to enjoy programming in broadcasting.   My Daddy had a crystal set with a pair of headphones that broadcast baseball games.  It was simply a wooden board with a crystal and a dial that made contact with dots of metal for frequencies of different radio stations with high powered transmitters.  It had very poor audio, but it did what it did for free.  Then came networks.  My first recollection was of the red and blue networks.  All we had was radio for years, then came television.  The first set I saw was a huge rectangled box with a 7", black and white screen.  We drove from Huntsville to Houston to watch Ed Sullivan on a Sunday Night. Most of the broadcasts then were of the Test photo with an Indian Chief in full headdress.  

We had half-hour mysteries, mostly broadcast on radio from the Mutual Broadcasting System.  I recall "Boston Blackie", 

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