26 Feb

"Personal and Confidential, Open Immediately!"

I opened both and discovered that one offered to renew my car's warranty and the other offered "Gold Bars" for a limited time only.  I've not owned an automobile in over fifteen years.  The "Gold" bars were really copper, gold-plated, bricks.  I've also been offered "Gold Coins" bearing  both President Trump and Joe Biden.  These even have been sent from Federal Officials representing "Official Mints".  It reminded me of the phone call I received in North Carolina from the "IRS", threatening me with immediate arrest for failure to pay my income tax.  The best one was from a 'lady' living in Washington DC, with stationery that appeared to be official, informing me that I was the recipient of a $70,000.00 grant.  All I had to do was respond to a phone number within 24-hours.  (I wondered, "24-hours from when" since it came through regular mail and had no date).  The photo included in the original email was of a blonde standing in front of the American flag.  The voice that answered the phone was that of someone with a heavy accent.  I suppose we all have had these scams offered, especially with the arrival of the internet.  Obviouosly these crooks get response or they wouldn't continue.  "Pigeon Drops" are older than me.  The one thing that tips my ticky is the constant appeal for political donations and hungry  people around the world.  My heart breaks for anyone who is starving, but I also am concerned about the exact amount of our donations that get to them.  Administration doesn't work for nothing, donchaknow, Really!

There seems to be a bunch of negative information pertaining to our bank accounts.  Gold and Silver have been offered as an alternative, but I don't think "plated" metal of any shape or quantity to be a smart choice.

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin, '69

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