07 Feb

Typos Galore!

I must be more careful with my double check of this blog.  I seem to inclue typos even after reading each one prior to upload.  I am embarassed to place '69 after my name and must apologize to all Aggies.  What this tells me is that age has caught up.  Tottering old man thinking he can still make sense and every blog should get a red mark for some grammatical goof or another. I will be very careful from now on and ask your forgiveness.  I certainly have been better educated than what you read and it is my pleasure to correct all typos and garble. I could use the "old age" excuse since i now approach the age of 90, but that gets old. (I think "old" a lot, donchaknow)

From a tiny house on Lide Street in 1931, I drew my first breath on this day and God has benefitted me with a great life, a life filled with unbelievable events and joy. My mother was well covered by a doctor AND a midwife. I had an older brother who didn't make it, so there was some concern.  

 I will never put foot on Australian soil.  I will never fly a lighter-than-air plane.  I will never again walk the boards to applause, nor be blessed by giving song.  I will never share good times and bad with the love of my life, but still I am Too anointed to be disappointed and Too blessed to be depressed.  You all make that the icing on my cake with 90 candles and striving for 100.   God Bless You, each and every one!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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