23 Jan

Dear Aggies, 2020,

Thank you for a great, but crazy, season.  Not since Johnny Football have I had such a great time watching Aggies play the game.  Even the Alabama loss didn't squelch my enjoyment.  I just wish you had all taken advantage of the extra season provided by COVID!l  As said before, "OPT-OUT" stinks.  To you who have chosen it, have a great life, even after football.  My former brother-in-law was Little All American over at Sam Houston State quite a few years back.  You will find his name easily under 'RoughHouse Williams".  His effect from his BearKat defensive end was felt every play.  He was truly a wrecking crew all by himself.  Charles Williams was drafted by the Steelers and he lasted three days as a Rookie.  He told his Mom, "I played the game because I liked it as a game.  Up there, I was canon fodder and those guys tried to kill me.  They wanted no competition, period.  They no longer have to worry about RoughHouse Williams."  He retired as a very successful State Farm Insurance Agent/Manager.  Regardless of all your athletic ability(note: athleticism isn't a word to me), I am convinced you all greatly benefitted from knowing Jimbo Fisher.  I had tremendous success working with athletes in my SFA choirs and I recognize a "Labor of Love" when I see it.  Coach, you are a jewel and I am proud to call you one.  I am excited to see what you can accomplish with the talent God sends our way.  I love the fact that to be a Aggie "starter', regardless of high school reputation and ranking, one has to leave it all on the field, every day, every play. As long as Texas Aggies, in every sport, are giving the best effort, regardless of the final score, you are winners and I will never fail to support you and My kind of Coach!   Thank You and Gig'em!

And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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