27 Jan

What to Do? What to DO?!

Ever been in a dilemma?  You've made a mistake and must rectify same, but "What if THEY don't accept it?"  Doubts about which direction to take and afraid to even make that choice.  Over the past nine decades, I've faced dilemma.  Where to go to college?  How to get a scholarship?   Will I get along with my roommate?  What will I need for my homework?  Where is my first classroom?  What club should I join?  Who should I be friends with?  Which of two courses should I take?  What will I do when I graduate?  What about personal transportation?

On and On it goes, right?   Decisions, decisions, decisions, and no one there to make it for me. Consequently,  I made some very wrong ones.  

Solomon, King David's son, was faced with grave decisions as a young man.  He was suddenly  made King when his father grew ill and old.  Dilemma, you bet.  But, he was wise enough to as God for wisdom.  Scripture says that Solomon "was the wisest of them all".  Jesus half-brother, James, wrote these words to believers in his Gospel(James 1:5). "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you." 

Solomon got the wisdom, but failed to follow God's will and he got into some deep trouble.   When any of God's Children ask, "What must I do?" God has the answer.   The big problem is that 'everyone' isn't a child of God and thus is the big elephant in the room today.  "Smarts" gets everyone in trouble if not plugged in to the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the different ingredient in life.  One never makes a mistake deciding stuff with that in one's heart.  You have some experience at making wrong decisions?  Join the club.  But, Why not take advantage of the promise James writes about in the scripture above?  How does one get that?  Well, it isn't in any text book.  It isn't offered at Walmart.  It's not "downloaded" from anywhere but God.  When God's people follow God's rules, good things happen all around.  America is in a dilemma right now.  What to do isn't coming from anyplace since every place is confused and compromised by sin.  President Trump is considering the forming of a political party of Patriots.  I am a charter member whenever it happens.  There is a problem in that there was a Patriot party formed in the seventies and even though it is inactive, there is protection agains 'copying'. So, perhaps we could simply add "US" to "Patriot" and be legal.  "PatriotUS" party sounds good.  That swamp is deep and wide in DC.  It will take all God's Children to drain it.  One warning!  If God grants WISDOM, just take a look at the four years of service by Donald J Trump as President of the United States of America, and get a perspective of what comes at you when you get that smart.  Scripture says that God's Child will Know the TRUTH.  It's the doing that comes with a price.  And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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